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  RCS 541
Radiator Coolant Service


bullet Connects to vehicle cooling system while cool and not under pressure

Flushing and conditioning chemicals can be used


Allows for quick and easy over-flow bottle clean up


Exchanges contaminated coolant resulting in the best cooling system service


Machine comes with mixer valve for new tank


Extremely fast only a few minutes for a complete service


No messy spills


Environmentally friendly because of capturing all the contaminated coolant


Used coolant tank is easily drained

Manual Download:

RCS 530 Operation Manual

RCS 530 E Assembly Manual
RCS 530 E Operation Manual

RCS 540 Assembly Manual
RCS 540 Before Use Manual
RCS 540 Brochure
RCS 540 Operation Manual

RCS 541 Assembly Manual
RCS 541 Brochure
RCS 541 Operation Manual

RCS 546 Assembly Manual
RCS 546 Brochure

RCS 550 Brochure

RCS 570 Brochure

RCS 540/541/543 Kit # 7090

Optional Adapters

RCS Adapter Procedures

RCS 546/550/570 Fitting Kit

Troubleshooting RCS E

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