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  ATS 320/330 E
Automatic Transmission Service

The Automatic Transmission Service ATS 320/330 E incorporates the latest micro-computer technology available today.  This makes it the easiest and most accurate Automatic Transmission machine on the market. It calculates the total flow of the used ATF fluid being pumped out from the transmission and simultaneously pumps in the exact amount of new ATF fluid into the transmission.  This process eliminates any possibility of over-filling the transmission.  Since it does not restrict the flow of the return line on the transmission this results in a faster exchange of fluid with minimal mixing of fluids.

The ATS 320/330 E has a unique cleaning/auto exchange feature.  When keying in the length of the cleaning cycle, the machine will automatically switch to exchange when cleaning is finished.

The ATS 320/330 E has the capability to empty a preset amount from the automatic transmission pan for a spill-free filter change if so desired.  As well an easy top-up is made possible while in circulating mode by entering the needed amount on the touch keypad.  The machine is automatically in circulating mode when starting the service, which makes for a safe operation in case of distractions.  It automatically returns to circulating mode when the preset amount of new fluid has been exchanged.  These new and innovative features make the ATS 320/330 E the most valued Automatic Transmission Service machine on the market today.

New body style provides an optional to exchange through filler tube.

System Features
bullet Micro-processor controlled
bullet Fully-automatic and easy to operate (no valves or flow adjustments to regulate)
bullet Extremely fast (2-3 min on most vehicles.) to exchange fluid (this is an important feature when using chemical cleaners, so that no cleaner is mixed with new fluid)
bullet Site tubes provide dramatic visual confirmation of fluid exchange
bullet Allows for quick diagnosis of transmission by reading the PRESSURE and FLOW of transmission fluid in circulate mode
bullet Compact design
bullet Has built-in pressure release, eliminates any possibility of over-pressuring transmission
bullet Built-in timer for cleaning cycle
bullet Optional exchange through filler tube on the ATS 330 E

ATS 320/330 E Technical Data

                                      1 YR. LIMITED WARRANTY                                        

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